About Märka Design

Märka design is a design company based in Lund, Sweden, working with clients from all over the world. As you will see when you browse our projects we like working with space and science, but also things like cinema, the environment and books, and probably anything else you’d like an illustration, layout, logo or book cover for.

In addition to graphic design, layout and illustrations we offer space architecture services    ̶   designing for humans in space, including lectures and workshop on the topic of space architecture and the use of space technology on Earth. In 2014 we took part in a DLR (German space agency)  (EDEN Initiative) study about a greenhouse for the moon, as part of the MELiSSA project, an ESA (European Space Agency) run extensive study about bioregenerative life-support systems. 2015-18 we are one of the architecture consultants for Swiss/British tech company ESTEE’s Scorpius project. In November 2017 we took part in the Moon Village Association Workshop (MVA) at ISU, co-chairing one of the break-out sessions. The MVA is an international organisation working for Moon settlements and activities, promoting the idea of a wide range of entities going to the Moon.

Märka design is run by architect and graphic designer Katarina Eriksson. She got her M.Arch. at the Faculty of Engineering (LTH), Lund University, 2008, and an M.Sc. in Space Studies at the International Space University (ISU) in Strasbourg, France, 2010.  Since then she has worked with a number of things related to space and design, including graphic design, being involved with the ISU Space Studies Program and the space architecture courses at Lund University and Design School Kolding (DK), as well as facilitating space design workshops.

Browse our projects, drop us a line at markadesign@markadesign.se or follow us on facebook.com/markadesign and instagram.com/marka_design for the latest updates.


Space Architecture lecture and workshop at ISU’s Space Studies Program 2017 at Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland.
Photo: Petter Evju Skanke

The name Märka is a Swedish word that means notice or make a mark on or mark/label.

Märka v  Notice, observe; letter; label, tag; take a notice; see; imprint; ken; personalize; perceive; become aware of

Märkbart adv  Markedly, noticeably, significantly, notedly, distinguishble

Märkbar(t) adj  Noticeable, appreciable, significant, perceptible, notable, discernable, observable, perceivable, sensible, distinguishable.